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Interlude Mk2 brakes

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2020 3:51 pm
by M5driver
Hi, I thought as a break from the MK1 pi engine overhaul, I would get on with fixing the rear dragging brake on the MK2.
After much verbal abuse to the car it looks like the culprit has been found. The adjusters have worn too much. Basically when the brakes where applied the offside rear would stick on enough so the drum was a pig to get off. I also found under the grease that had been applied to the hand brake cable was hiding corrosion and broke strands! So new adjusters and a rear cable fitted.
While under the car the exhaust showed signs of blowing. So the back two sections have been removed. They came off so easily which was odd I thought. It turns out that there was hardly any jointing paste used! So it looks like I better pay attention to the center section forward joint as well. The pigs nose clamp had rotted away and was doing nothing as such. So this need replacing as well.

Re: Interlude Mk2 brakes

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2020 7:36 pm
by johnnydog
On the subject of exhausts Chris, for years now I have used the red RTV silicone (heat resistant) to join the exhaust sections. The benefits are that the joints slide together better as it also acts as a lubricant, it provides a good gas tight seal with only moderate tightening of the clamps, but the other benefit is that the sections can be separated with relative ease if need be at a later date. Old silicone can easily be cleaned off the ends of the pipes.
Exhaust paste /cement dries like concrete, making subsequent separating of the exhaust sections more difficult. It is also harder to remove the remains of it if refitting the existing exhaust sections. I've used the RTV on all my Triumphs and my Vauxhall Omegas and wouldn't use anything else!