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Re: mk1 steel wheel

Posted: Sun Mar 07, 2021 8:29 pm
by TobyC
Many thanks. Its with the help of the Forum and the register members that the car is slowly improving. I'm just the current custodian !

Glad wheels are done and Mk1 steering wheel fitted (although no horn at present - I just couldn't get the horn brush to fit in the steering wheel - manual says lightly grease but I resorted to hitting it with a hammer and I still couldn't get it to fit in the wheel (brush from CW and steering wheel was NOS). I might 'ream out' the hole in the steering wheel to make it fit although I assume it has to be tight to avoid moving.

Last major job is the dash / centre cubby hole and then just minor trim (choke knob etc) to sort and I'll be happy! Car is on the road most days so I'll leave the halogen headlight upgrade, aftermarket fan and inertia seatbelts as 'sensible' daily motoring upgrades, but I'm a fan of originality so I'll always hanker after an unmolested example ... maybe some day.