Stag Front Calipers & Disks - Again

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Stag Front Calipers & Disks - Again

#1 Post by Carboy0 » Tue May 11, 2021 3:07 pm

Apologies for asking about this again, as a forum search has yielded many Stag Calipers/Disk threads but the answers I need weren’t covered exactly.

I am committed to upgrading the front brake my PFL Mk2 to Stag brakes. I have rebuilt some Stag Calipers, I have bought some new Stag disks and Mintex M1144 pads and I have some Stag backplates.

My questions are,

1. Can I use the T2000 hub to disk bolts? Or do I need the Stag bolts?

2. Can I use the T2000 backplate to upright bolts?

3. Most importantly, can I use the T2000 caliper bolts on the Stag calipers? If not, what should I use as there are two different Stag bolts.

All advice gratefully received.

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