Accelerator pedal adjustment

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Accelerator pedal adjustment

#1 Post by Clifford Pope » Mon Aug 13, 2018 9:42 am

I've recently become aware that my right foot gets quite uncomfortable when pressing the pedal, and the reason is the pedal pad is too close to the brake. Also my right foot is most comfortable turned out slightly from the straight-ahead position. The result is that I have been pressing the pad with the left side of my foot, which is harder to maintain and tends to result in my foot slipping off to the right into the space at the side.

I've just examined the pedal mounting, and found it an easy matter to remove the bracket and clamp the pedal rod in a vice and bend it outwards about 3/4". That's an instant improvement - my foot now sits comfortably with the contact point in the middle of the ball of my foot, and doesn't tend to slip sideways any more.

While I was about it I decided to improve heel-and-toeing. The pad sits about 1/2" higher than the relaxed brake pedal, so when braking it's very difficult to give a blip to the throttle. There was no more adjustment in the throttle cable, and still about 2" clearance with the floor when fully open. So again I carefully bent the pedal, downwards about an inch.
The whole thing is a great improvement. I do like being able to do mild hill-starts straight from brake to accelerator without needing the handbrake every time.

You could say my foot deformity is the result of a Triumph-related injury. Many years ago I was standing in the back of a Triumph Stag and turned to get out. But my right foot stuck in the very small footwell, and the momentum of my leaping out twisted my leg.

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