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Other technical Issues with the Triumph 2000 range
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Hidden Features

#1 Post by Firewatcher » Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:30 am

Long unresolved smell of petrol in the car, and having checked hoses, tank etc. I turned to the steel pipe which links the flexible from the tank to the flexible that vents behind the rear wheel arch.
It disappears from sight beside the rear parcel shelf and although the ends looked OK, I could see some rust just as it goes from sight.
A small mirror and torch revealed that the pipe runs up the inside of the rear roof pillar and back down to form an anti spill loop. It was completely rusted through.
I have replace it with a piece of 10mm copper tube – bit tricky to bend and insert as it goes about two thirds up the pillar. Plastic tube would be easier to use but the copper was at hand and a good fit with the two flexibles.
The cause - open to debate but the adjacent panels weren't that corroded and I suspect condensation on the pipe itself, I don't think you need a roof leak for this to occur.

Petrol Vent Image.jpg

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