hellooooooo triumph lovers

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hellooooooo triumph lovers

#1 Post by Lloydpiestate » Sat Dec 22, 2012 4:40 pm

hi there triumph lovers,

thought it about time i introduced myself,

im lloyd and have been a club member since 1991 but only just recently rejoined the forum ( hmmmmmm cant see the spell check anywhere, so forgive me any mistakes lol )

ive had our great cars in my life since i passed my test at the age of 17 ( im 45 now ) so have enjoyed them for a long time.

my current every day drive is a 1971 pi auto, although currently has a rebuilt 2000 lump in it with about 15k miles on it, runs like silk and has an oil cooler and rocker feed kit that were fitted upon rebuild.

i do have a pi lump and manual box waiting to go back in, just need some time to do it lol !!! ( the 2000 engine will be for sale if anyone is interested when the swap is done by the way )

also in my collection is a 2000 mk1 estate that currently sits totally bare on a roller awaiting a full panel and nut and bolt resto, brought solely for resto and resale, but something tells me i might want to keep it once it is done !!?? :?

i have also a mk2 2000 saloon, again awaiting nut and bolt resto, hmmmmmm im starting to think i need more hours in the day !!!!

and last but not least is a pi pick up, picked it up ( no pun intended ) about 5 years ago, just couldnt resisit it, again in need of full resto and a bit more !!!! at least ive got 30 years worth of collecting spares to help me along, and boy do i think im gonna need them lol.

so may i ask a question to you triumph lovers, as ive been off the forum for a very long time and dont know the feelings on this matter, how would you feel if i could start getting some panels made up, as there just seems no where to get any at the mo, earlparts arnt doing any, or should i say many, and it just seems to me that our beloved cars are being left to rot or simply scrapped as people wont buy any needing restos because they know that they cant get the panels, let me know please as i have the means to get panels made for us if there is enough interest.

all the best everyone

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Re: hellooooooo triumph lovers

#2 Post by david_lall » Sat Dec 22, 2012 6:37 pm

Hello Lloyd,

You're just the sort of person we all need in the club; welcome back! I don't need any panels but I'm sure others will. Ted started a recent thread about re-manufactured parts, so your post will probably attract much comment, As will the pick-up. Any pictures available under another thread perhaps?
David Lall

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Re: hellooooooo triumph lovers

#3 Post by Raider » Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:41 am

Very welcome indeed.

And panels - yes very interesting and very important. As David said, Ted Taylor is your man as he is looking at setting up a parts remanufacturing "club"
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