Just another Thrust Washer

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Just another Thrust Washer

#1 Post by trolleybus » Sat Mar 16, 2019 2:44 am

I have one TW at .092 (marked STD)
and one TW at .097 (marked .005)

Wich gives me a float of .22mm or 0.00866"
Just outside the recommended tolerance.
So I need a +001 or +002, but they don't seem to be available from the usual suspects.
There is a place in the US http://www.customthrustwashers.com/ but still not sure if they supply the sizes I want. Has anyone used them?
Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Also! The TW I fitted 5000K ago have a white metal surface. (seem to remember purchasing NOS TW)
The rear one has appeared to have melted the white metal surface off.
There is no damage to the rear main bearing.
The car was running an auto, just converting to manual when found the end float problem.
Did have a problem with the oil plug at the end of the cam blowing out?
And was running an oil bypass for the rockers for a short time without blocking the original feed hole?
It is also possible that I put it in back the front or with a too smaller tolerance.
Anyone had this problem?
Bernard (Australia)
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Re: Just another Thrust Washer

#2 Post by Alec » Sat Mar 16, 2019 8:14 am

Hello Bernard,

take an over size washer to a machine shop and ask them to surface grind the back by the necessary amount.

I don't believe that an extra rocker oil feed is detrimental to the rest of the engine providing the engine is in good order. There is excess oil capacity from the pump in a sound engine.


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Clifford Pope
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Re: Just another Thrust Washer

#3 Post by Clifford Pope » Sat Mar 16, 2019 8:32 am

I bought one of those US ones a few years ago but haven't got round to fitting it.
My recollection is they do a range of sizes. You only need a special one on the thrust side, and you can pick'n'mix with the thickness of the other washer to get different total clearances.

A previous owner of my car fitted an ingenious external thrust bearing on the end of the crankshaft. It's a roller thrust bearing pressed over the projecting end of the shaft, bearing against a sturdy metal bracket held on two threaded bolts to the bearer plate. There is a pad on the bracket. Adjustment is easy simply by loosening or tightening the nuts on the threads.
I did originally take the sump off and inspected the rear bearing block. There was no sign of damage, and the standard washers were doing their job. The external bearing just seemed to be precautionary.

It seems a clever and very simple idea, the only drawbacks I can see are you have to use an electric fan not the crank-mounted one, and you'd have to loosen one of the bolts and swing the bracket aside to change the fan belt. You could I suppose keep a spare ready in place strapped to one side.

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