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Re: Mk2 Front Wings.

Posted: Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:11 am
by Steve G
My initial questions were aimed at those who have bought panels, Mk2 wings in particular. Those who do have some have offered to have a closer look at them to see what they are like compared with the ones I have. From what he has said he has sold loads of them so there should be a few people around who can help me not just club officials.

I was able to send you some pictures of the drivers side wing on the other forum that show the biggest problems. Can you honestly say that it could be considered good enough ? It will need a lot of work before even trying to fit it on the car.

If Lloyd won't speak to me in a pleasant manner and then ignores me completely It hardly surprising I am getting a bit fed up with this. I know he has put a huge amount of effort into getting these done but there was no reason for him to behave the way he is now.

Re: Mk2 Front Wings.

Posted: Sat Oct 15, 2016 11:52 am
by TedTaylor

Steve the thing is that we are only really hearing your side of things - Lloyd is a really nice guy and not into these public slanging matches. Because things are so public in this dispute it is difficult for me to intercede unless Lloyd is happy for me to do so, and if I did so it would all be in private.

I would point out that Lloyd has supplied loads of panels - and the bottom line is that it has been at a loss to him when you include all the cost of running around half the country over the past few years to find people who can make them and giving up work to find the time to do so.

Also with all the panels he has supplied yours is the first complaint and you have turned it into a very public aggressive one at that. For the price try to get one made yourself from scratch and you will see what I mean, and fettling to fit has to be expected which is why Lloyd has continued his work to try to get panels pressed to fit properly from scratch but the cost of tooling is very high.

As I said I will intercede if Lloyd wants me to and SEE if I can help resolve this but it MUST be in private.


Re: Mk2 Front Wings.

Posted: Sat Oct 15, 2016 2:11 pm
by Steve G
The whole reason this has been become public is because he wouldn't reply to me privately. All I wanted to do was discuss things with him and he starts saying he won't make any more panels and wants to charge handling fees for the better panel I don't actually want to return.

I know what trouble he has gone to to get these done which makes it even more of a shame the ones I have got were in such a state when I got them and the drivers side one hasn't been made very well.

Re: Mk2 Front Wings.

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 12:27 am
by Steve G
I found this picture a while ago and thought I would add it to show what could have been.
When I paid up for my wings I was told they would be pressed ones and expected something like this.
They look like Earlpart ones, just like the ones a friend fitted back in the early 90's. The shape of the arch itself is uniform and they have even bothered to include the panel line people have told me doesn't exist !


Re: Mk2 Front Wings.

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 8:22 am
by David Withers
Unlike Ted, I think Steve's approach was very fair and reasonable. He is clearly dissatisfied with the quality of one or more of the panels he has bought and appears to have tried to get the problem resolved privately with the supplier before coming on here and asking, simply, if any other member has had a similar issue. Having received little or no response from other buyers, he has allowed the discussion to escalate somewhat, but I don't feel that he has been "aggressive".

Alan says there is little he can do to help, and I expect he means on behalf of the Register. Unfortunately Steve appears not to be a member of the Register, therefore help from that quarter would seem unlikely anyway. If he had been a member and had formally sought help from the Register I'd have hoped it would be taken up, though I'm not sure how or by whom.

Lloyd and Steve, you both seem nice chaps. Can you not start afresh and try to get this sorted between the two of you, amicably?

Re: Mk2 Front Wings.

Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:36 pm
by Steve G
Thanks for the comment David but to be honest I am really starting to think I am a very unpleasant person. I have no tolerance for those who I feel are taking advantage of me !

Despite sending yet another email to Lloyd he still hasn't contacted me.
I put the drivers side wing up for sale on here and a few other places in the hope one of those nice people who told me there wasn't anything wrong with it would buy it.
So far I think only one person on facebook even considered buying it until someone else let him know it was only any good as an arch repair.

I believe that both my wings were taken to Stoneleigh last year and didn't sell there either. Lloyd actually told me I would be better off with a pair of the new pressed ones and he would easily be able to sell the old ones. He carried on being pleasant to me right up to the point I asked for my money back (which he had for about 2 years) and he realised he would be stuck with them unless I took them.

I had quite a lengthy chat with Lloyds business partner when I collected my wings. I pointed out the damage on the passenger side wing to him but he said Lloyd handles that side of things. One thing interesting he did say is that if nobody had started making new panels they would never be able to sell the large stockpile of parts they had gathered over the years. If all of the car were gone nobody would need them.
Shame other parts suppliers aren't so forward thinking !
I hope things turn out well for those who have ordered any of the pressed wings.

Re: Mk2 Front Wings.

Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 3:57 pm
by torque2me
TedTaylor wrote:
Lloydpiestate wrote:STEVE,

i have offered you a refund 3 times over the last year or so, because you said you were skint, way before you collected your panels, first you said yes, then you said no, then you said yes and then you said no, then you said yes and then you said no again, and now your last email states you want a large refund PLUS you want to keep the panels !!!????

This is a copy of a reply of a posting on the CT Forum.:

Unfortunately this totally confusing situation - about what wings, when, and payment - is precisely what I felt in Steve's listings/comments. And his expectation that he should get a response from the Forum within a day is completely out of order.

Lloyd is doing all this work in getting the panels made in his spare time from his work as a builder - after a days/full weeks hard work it cannot be easy to get on e-mail/phone and follow up on things especially when they are so confusing. Heck Lloyd is a good friend of mine and often he takes time to reply to MY messages which I fully understand.

This matter should not have been aired on this Forum (or the 2000 Register Forum or any other for that matter) in such a way and attacking someone who has put an inordinate amount of work into the replacement panel problem with all the time and personal expense involved is wholly out of order - something I am fully aware of myself with my work on the windscreens. We do these things for the love of the cars and to support our fellow car owners - making no profit from it despite what some might think and if things go a little wrong treating this as a purely commercial thing is not acceptable.

If Lloyd decides such a public criticism is more that he wants for all his efforts I can fully understand if he walks away from doing any more on panels which will be to the loss of so many owners. After all yours is the first such complaint on this matter that has come to light so presumably the rest of the panels are not that bad.

Asking for help from club officers in private should have been the way to go and NOT blasting into the pubic domain in such a way. I hope the mods will scrub this thread - pity apart from the CT Forum I am unable to copy this to other Fora.

I will also respond to your PM about this - but do not expect a reply within a day because I have much else to do.


I have only read the initial post by Steve and, to me, it is a general forum question to ascertain if other members of the group have had any issues with a particular panel with regard to fitting. I have seen that type of query being posted umpteen times. I don't know if the post appearing first in this thread has been edited or not or if the (full) post has been posted in multi-forums. Seems to me that he was only looking for fitting feedback from people who had tackled the job.



Re: Mk2 Front Wings.

Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2016 10:05 am
by Steve G
I thought it would be fair to Lloyd to update this.
He has finally agreed to refund me for the badly made wing and I am waiting for the cheque to be posted to me.

Re: Mk2 Front Wings.

Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:43 pm
by Steve G
Well he was going to refund the money but now isn't again.

Re: Mk2 Front Wings.

Posted: Mon Nov 14, 2016 7:10 am
by Lloydpiestate
when did i say i wasnt giving you a refund, give me a chance to answer your email, i do have a life you know !!! and that life does not revolve around you every second of every day.
return the panel as agreed and i will give you a refund chq, my patience is running very thin with you !!