Door skins etc.

Bodywork, interior and exterior trim and glass, bumpers, etc.
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Door skins etc.

#1 Post by SimonO » Sun Feb 08, 2015 4:03 pm

I am finally getting close to completing all of the metal work on my Mk2 2000 PFL saloon.

The doors are hopeless. So I am looking for 4x door skins, and possibly the bottom of the frame repair panels. Chris Witor has NOS front skins in stock which look fine, and Rimmers have all the skins and frame repair panels.

So my Qs are:-

1) Are Mk1 and Mk2 door skins interchangeable?
2) Are the Rimmers ones above their usual quality standards? (Will they fit at all???)

Rimmers are handy for me as they are only 30 mins away and I get trade price on most stuff. However, the quality of most parts always means I seem to go elsewhere...



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