2500S Estate fuel tank

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2500S Estate fuel tank

#1 Post by bergxu » Sun Sep 20, 2020 2:00 am

Hello gents,

Finally getting around to fitting a proper original fuel tank in my 1975 2500S Estate (previously had a smaller petrol tank fitted under the boot floor due to also having an LPG system which has since been removed). I’ve got a brand new, original style tank from Rimmers but need to see some pics of how it’s installed per factory and also which of the two threaded bungs on the forward corner are feed and return. Also, if possible, can someone tell me the routing/position of the original lines and what thread the fittings are? At present, the tank in there just has the pickup coming out the bottom and I see on the original tank obviously one of the threaded bungs on top would be the pickup and the other the return. Thanks all for any help!

P.S. my car has carbs so I guess the return isn’t needed but I’ll need to plug whichever of the bungs doesn’t get used. I presume there are two bungs due to some tanks being for P.I. applications??


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