PI rear Manifold for Automatic Trans

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PI rear Manifold for Automatic Trans

#1 Post by BP2500Estate » Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:16 am

Does anybody know what the difference is between a Standard shift car rear PI manifold (#149659) and the rear PI manifold (# 151951) for a car with an automatic transmission? I have a 1973 MK2 2500 PI estate wagon with the BG Model 35 (Engine MG 58644) that was converted to SU's many years ago and I would like to bring the car back to the way it came with the PI system. I am in the US in the middle of Arizona and do not have a lot of resources to full understand all about the PI system and is looking for advice. I know by looking at the parts book that the rear manifold has a different part number and need to find out if the manifold system i bought will work or needs to be modified. This is a work in progress. I have read that this might not be the best idea because of the problem with the PI but I like to try to keep the cars as original as I can. The car currently runs just fine and I drive as a fun car.
Any contacts or advise would be greatly appreciated.

Brian P
1973 250 PI MK2 Estate Wagon Sapphire Blue
1968 TR 250 Royal Blue

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