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Re: oil

#11 Post by Richard B » Tue Jul 16, 2013 2:05 pm

Mike Stevens wrote:
Dave B wrote:Valvoline do a 20w50 racing oil, but its about £30 for 5 ltr
This is what I use in the PI and Stag. It's often available at a good discount from Euro Car Parts.

VR1 from Eurocar gets my vote, but I only buy it when its on a good discount. Usually 25% or 30% off and they include free delivery. :D
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Re: oil

#12 Post by Mike Stevens » Wed Jul 17, 2013 11:34 am

Richard B wrote:VR1 from Eurocarparts gets my vote, but I only buy it when its on a good discount. Usually 25% or 30% off and they include free delivery.
They always seems to have some discount or other. I too wait for a 'good' day and buy some to stock up. The best so far was such that I got 2 off 5l 'cans' for around £20 delivered! Amazing!

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Re: oil

#13 Post by david_lall » Thu Jul 18, 2013 12:46 pm

Oil....an ever re-occurring subject, and as they say, "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!"

I have a long standing friend who happens also to be a classic car enthusiast. After graduating he started out analysing the oil in open cast mine trucks with a view to preventative maintenance - really high tech stuff but when one considers the sums of money involved in those mines it becomes understandable. His career brought him to the UK and he has become a world authority on engine oils, now working freelance and travelling all over the world to lead lectures and seminars.

He wrote this:

http://www.mginfo.co.uk/upgrades4mgs/Fl ... luids.html

....and the section referring to ZDDP:

http://www.mginfo.co.uk/upgrades4mgs/Fl ... tives.html

I also happen to have another friend who works in Castrol's development labs in Pangbourne as an oil chemist. Very interesting what she told me about the original Castrol RS 10W-60; this was a fully synthetic oil developed specifically for the A/A+ Series engines of racing Minis! Other spec bands of Castrol RS (0W & 5W -30) have since been released and the RS branding has been replaced by Edge in response to BMW's wishes but the 10W-60 is still available. My A-Series 1380cc block with Stage IV head has now completed 70,000 miles all with the 10W-60 (apart from 500 running in miles) and the effect of the oil is staggering.

In the Triumph, on the advice of both of these friends, I use Castrol Magnatec 10W-40 (This is semi-synthetic).....of course an engine will run on any cheapo oil; you'll only ever see the results of top quality oils retrospectively on high mileage cars.....my cars are driven, and that's why I never think twice about paying the extra for the best oil I can lay my hands on!
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Re: oil

#14 Post by David Withers » Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:01 pm

david_rachel wrote:Oil....an ever re-occurring subject, and as they say, "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!"

Though no oil expert as such, I spent my working life involved with engine design and during several of those years it was my job to find and provide answers to unsolicited invention submissions which sometimes involved additives. From that work I recognise the very good sense expressed in the quoted articles.

I believe that our engine company approved only one additive which (40-50 years ago) was recommended to be added to the fuel oil in extremely cold climates so as to inhibit the formation of globules of wax which could plug the filter. I don't recall the approval of any aftermarket additives for lubricating oil, whether for engines of new or old design or under any particular climatic conditions.

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