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#1 Post by dolomitejohn » Tue Jun 26, 2018 11:31 am

My name is John Abra and I live in South Warwickshire. I currently own a Dolomite Sprint and am a member of the Dolomite club. I Purchased the Sprint 28 years ago from a scrap yard in Milton Keynes and it has been restored by myself twice since. It is still my pride and joy, but as I get older and the kids keep growing, the Sprint seems a little small, so a big saloon beckons.
I have always liked the MK2 big saloon design and the straight six is just fabulous ~ so smooth........

I am really on the look out for a 2500S Saloon or MK2 2.5 PI Saloon ~ late spec with PAS, head rests, Sundym glass etc. Must be solid, ready to use and have a real MOT as I don;t have time to carry out another restoration. Having said that I am not looking for a show wining car either. I would be too frightened to use it, and that is just want I want to do with this car - use it....... The Sprint is pampered in her garage too much.
I guess a modified 2500 TC or 2000 car to the above spec would also be ok, but I am not sure of all the detail changes. Perhaps someone could advise me here ?

My friend has a MK1 2000 converted to PI spec and when he drives down the road it sounds like the Vulcan Bomber is in the area. Totally Awesome....and enough to scare the local cats.

On Sunday I travelled to London to view a 2500S as advertised on a certain auction site. I was sceptical having spoken to the chap, but gave him the benefit of the doubt. Wished I hadn;t. The upper part of the car was ok as was the engine apart from a miss fire, but the wheel arches were dreadful. Sills were solid but didn;t look right to me and there was extensive fresh underseal around the box sections to the side of the gearbox. I was dissapointed, but at least I learnt a lot.

So thats me. On the look out for a good usable honest 2500 to keep my Sprint company.


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Re: Hello

#2 Post by Charles H » Tue Jun 26, 2018 12:48 pm

Welcome John.
You will get lots of help on here however it is currently our National week which this year is in Devon, so it may be a little quiet here until next week.
I would suggest that if you already haven't done so, joining the Register may help. You will at least be able to ask members what cars they know of for sale, and you may even get an offer to help view any possible purchases. Good luck in your quest.
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Re: Hello

#3 Post by poppyman » Wed Jun 27, 2018 10:15 am

Hi John,

As well as a Dolomite 1850, i also have a 2500S auto :D So you are looking for the right mix of car's. It took me ages to find one as i need an automatic.
Have you looked on the car and classic for sale website? They do come up sometimes as mine did :D
Have you put a post on the TDC website? Good luck with your search 8)


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