"Klipper" My 2500S Estate Progress to Date

Show us the work you're doing on your Triumph 2000/2500/2.5.
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"Klipper" My 2500S Estate Progress to Date

#1 Post by Phil » Tue Dec 27, 2016 4:48 pm

Well six months on I've been using the car at least twice a week with trips from Folkestone to Ipswich, Maidstone and to the pub :D

It's second MOT failed. Maladjusted headlights thanks to me replacing them and a steering bush causing the column to wear the bulkhead plus a small hole requiring welding that we did before putting it through. So despite living outside all year its held together well only needing minor work to secure the pass.

Despite fitting relays for the new lights the replacement indicator stalk decided to fail again, brand new replacement not good as left indicator gave me full beam :shock: so we turn Charles's garage upside down and found three replacements one of which worked. We've also fitted electronic ignition but i haven't put many miles on yet to tell the difference it does seem smoother though. The light switch needed a wiggle to keep the lights on so pinched the one from the Stag :shock: Replaced it today with a second hand one (Charles's garage again) but the Stag now needs a wiggle.

So a year on I've done 4500ish miles and enjoyed every one of them, the car has eaten some money replacing bits i didn't expect to but it's running better every time i use it. The rust seems to be stable so i'm enjoying the ratty look and the startled looks from drivers on the motorway.

What will next year bring? I intend to continue to use it regularly, stop the windscreen leaking then tackle the woodwork inside. While the bodywork holds out i intend to leave it as it is. But stash funds to buy panels as and when I can
Phil Smith

1975 Triumph Stag Topaz
1975 Triumph 2500S Estate French Blue

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