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Fitting a new BW65 kickdown cable to gearbox housing - Triumph 2500TC

Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:55 am
by LRT
I'm currently trying to install a new kickdown cable to the BW65 auto box whilst the engine and transmission is still in the car.

The difficulty I have encountered is that the plastic barbed fitting only goes in as far as the rubber O ring but I cannot get it to push fully home by hand.

Has anyone had this much difficulty installing a new cable?

The old cable also needed considerable force to remove and both fittings look identical when placed side by side so I doubt the new cable is the problem.

The other option is to either drop the engine and gearbox as a unit or remove the gearbox in order to provide proper access to push the fitting home.

In order to separate the torque converter and gearbox from the engine, do I just remove the bolts that appear in the access hole and then remove the bell housing bolts?

Also, will the torque converter come out with the gearbox or will it still be attached to the flywheel?