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Choke light

Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2015 12:19 pm
by sahtuning2000
My mk2 choke light is difficult to actually say off,the choke works fine but i need to get the choke knob in the exact position to keep the light off,how do i go about adjusting the light,obviously i guess it involves mostly removing the centre console.

Re: Choke light

Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2015 2:16 pm
by Alec
Hello SAH,

the light is activated by a switch which clamps on to the choke cable at the knob end so yes you'll need to get to it. You mention central console, isn't the choke on the lower part of the dash (It's a long time since I owned a MK 2)? I suspect either the switch is worn or come loose from the cable?


Re: Choke light

Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2015 4:15 pm
by Alan Chatterton
Remove the radio, you can get to it then. Suspect switch fallen off.

Re: Choke light

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:45 am
by Mike Stevens
I think you have a PI? In which case I'm pretty sure the knob comes off (look underneath for a tiny hole to push a small rod in to release the catch). Then you can remove the nut and cable assembly without having to remove the cables themselves from the engine compartment. This might help with more access!