Beautiful 2000TC spotted at the Lakeland Motor Museum

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Beautiful 2000TC spotted at the Lakeland Motor Museum

#1 Post by nimchimpsky82 » Tue Apr 24, 2018 8:19 am

Spotted in the car park of the Lakeland Motor Museum a week and a half ago, on Sunday, Classic Drive and Ride in Day, this stunning 2000TC. I enjoyed the museum, but the highlight for me was definitely this Triumph. Incidentally, the little person in the right of the photo, almost completely cropped out, is my oldest son, who clearly shares his dad's excellent taste in cars :D

Looking for a nice Mk2 myself; perhaps I should have left a note under one of the windscreen wipers :)

Anyway, here I am, posting away as a new member, yet I've not even introduced myself. I'll rush over to the relevant section of the forum now!


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