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Maybe old news

#1 Post by torque2me » Tue Sep 05, 2017 7:40 pm

Hi Groupies,

It can be amazing what a small world it can be! I was about 15 miles from Mildenhall having a pint on Saturday afternoon when another car parked up and the driver asked if I owned the carefully concealed Mk.2? Yes, I was the culprit. After some Triumph talk he asked if I had heard about the sad news of Clive Manvers? I said I thought the business was sold last year as I saw and ad and there cannot be two (sic) many Triumph based in Suffolk. He informed me that he had died of a heart attack at work.

I did a search on our database but only one reference to Clive came up. It might be that some (majority?) of links did not survive the transfer and update of our site as I thought it extremely strange that a topic on this death had not been raised!

My belated condolences to his family.


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