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Saving a draft copy of your post

Posted: Tue May 20, 2008 6:15 am
by Allen Walker
You can be logged in to the Forum and remain inactive for 1 hour. After this time, if no activity takes place then you will be automatically logged out - this is to protect you should you be working on a public computer, i.e. in an internet cafe or library, etc.
The system will not recognise a long typing session as 'active' because at this point you are not submitting any new records to the database.
If you have a very long post to compose, or you want to break off during typing (say for lunch, or a small beer) then you can save a draft of your post and retrieve it later.
The thing to do is to use the 'Save' button (to the right of the 'Submit' button) once you've been typing for say 30 minutes. This will save a draft of your post which you can then retrieve later by going to your 'User Control Panel', choosing 'Manage Drafts' from the left hand menu then clicking on 'Load Draft' from your list of drafts. You can then continue typing and submit when finished.