Rubber PAS steering coupler

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Rubber PAS steering coupler

#1 Post by Llessur » Tue Nov 19, 2019 11:39 am

Now the engine's out of my 2500 I've been able to take a good look at the rubber steering coupler and it seems to be shot:


I'm very wary of modern rubber components as from experience they tend only to last a few months before falling apart - this seems to be especially true of any metal-bonded components like engine mounts and the like. In the absence of any NOS offerings turning up, I was just interested in hearing if there are any decent options for renewing this coupler with a brand new part? Being so safety critical I don't really want to mess around with parts that aren't fit for purpose.

Failing that, can the whole lower column be replaced for the non-PAS version with UJs top and bottom? What was the point of fitting the rubber coupler to the PAS cars?

Edit: After a bit of googling I found on a TR4 forum that a SuperPro poly version for the mk2 Escort apparently fits. The part number (150696) is the same for the 2500 and the TR4 so perhaps this is worth a shot? Although at £60 it's a bit pricey...
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