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Re: Steering adjustment this weekend

Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2019 5:43 pm
by Clifford Pope
There's also the point that if the rack is not centralised then the play adjustment will be wrong too left and right. When the rack is centralised properly, the steering wheel centralised, and the front wheels pointing straight ahead then there should be virtually no play between the rack and the pinion. As you move the wheel to left or right then the backlash increases very slightly.
If all that is wrong is that the track rod ends are wrongly positioned on their rods, then in your straight ahead position there will be permanent play in the steering. But if the rack has been wrongly adjusted to eliminate play in the straight ahead position it will bind slightly as you turn the wheel one way bringing the notch to the centre point.
So one of two things will be wrong, depending on the history of how the rack comes to have got decentralised - offset play, or offset binding.

It sounds as if you need to check and reset as necessary everything:

Steering rack centralised as per the hole, and the shims adjusted as necessary
Steering wheel repositioned if necessary
Check no play or binding in the steering column universal joints
Check rack end-bushes have no play
Check bottom ball joints have no play
Check TREs have no play
Adjust tracking, making equal adjustments on each side so the steering still points straight ahead
Check wheels seat properly and have no run-out
Balance wheels
Check brakes aren't binding or catching