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Re: Tyres

#21 Post by torque2me » Wed Mar 23, 2016 9:32 pm

Alan Chatterton wrote:6k a set?!!!? My Merc is 200bhp rear drive and I get 35-40k out of a set. On 107,000 miles and just about to replace the rears for the second time since new!! Easy on the loud pedal !!

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That is why I am miffed big time. I wasn't expecting the 30k from Michelins' that one used to get with the XAS, XVS (and nearly on XMS(?)) but 10k would have been nice as that would ensure I got 2 years out of a rear set.

Confession time, the loud pedal is played whenever I can. I did, though, use the lightest of foot poundage on the second set of Conti Sport 3's as I couldn't believe the 5k on the first. The second set didn't last any longer which surprised me.


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