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by sahtuning2000
Wed Nov 27, 2019 8:34 am
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Longest Triumph 2000 ownership?
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Re: Longest Triumph 2000 ownership?

Good to see a few people owning there Triumphs for so long,so had chat with my Dad who seems to THINK he bought his MK1 mid 70s maybe 75,so that would be 44 years ownership,he needs to find the buff logbook which he has in a safe place,which he can,t confirm a date of purchase.
by sahtuning2000
Tue Nov 05, 2019 10:02 pm
Forum: General Triumph 2000 Discussion
Topic: MK1 police cars
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MK1 police cars

OK this is a VERY long shot but I wonder if my car was used by the police when new,not as a patrol car(its Valencia)but maybe as a pool car etc,now the reason I say this is that there are many various various holes around the dash area that point that various electric items have been fitted there in...
by sahtuning2000
Tue Nov 05, 2019 9:30 pm
Forum: General Triumph 2000 Discussion
Topic: Triumph Trophy
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Triumph Trophy

Has anyone heard of a 2000 being called a Triumph Trophy????
On looking at my DLVA details of my MK1 its named as a Triumph Trophy,anyone heard of this and the big question being why....
by sahtuning2000
Tue Nov 05, 2019 9:05 pm
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Hello from Northern Ireland!
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Re: Hello from Northern Ireland!

Hello Sam welcome to the forum,a fellow Valencia blue mk1 owner!
by sahtuning2000
Sun Oct 13, 2019 11:20 am
Forum: General Triumph 2000 Discussion
Topic: MK1 Pre facelift or facelift?
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MK1 Pre facelift or facelift?

So having owned both versions of a MK1,i have often asked myself which version I prefer,and its a difficult one,this question can of course be asked to MK2 owners aswell,but I,am a MK1 owner so will keep to what I know best... I will of course forgotten a few things so hopefully someone will fill in...
by sahtuning2000
Fri Oct 11, 2019 7:16 am
Forum: Engine
Topic: Oil pressure
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Oil pressure

Having an oil pressure gauge fitted to the MK1 I wondered what was considered a good or bad oil pressure to have when hot and cold?
Think mine is fine and theres no green oil light coming on when fully warmed up,but just curious?
by sahtuning2000
Sat Sep 21, 2019 8:19 am
Forum: Body and Trim
Topic: MK1 leather seats
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MK1 leather seats

My leather seats in the MK1 are abit tied and the drivers seat is split,have some nice period seat covers over them at the moment which look the part,but was thinking of trying to get the seats restored if it doesn,t cost a fortune.... Whats the best route to take,finding an unsplit drivers seat wou...
by sahtuning2000
Mon Sep 16, 2019 7:06 am
Forum: Engine
Topic: MK1 ignition light on
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MK1 ignition light on

My dads 66 MK1 has an issue with the ignition light staying on when running and when the revs are increased it still stays on,would this point towards a dynamo issue or a regulator box problem?
by sahtuning2000
Thu Sep 05, 2019 8:08 pm
Forum: E-bay and other ads
Topic: Ebay mk1
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Ebay mk1

Thoughts on this?
Last on the road in 1983 according to DVLA ... SwmHhdbPvq